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5 lessons from Games of Thrones that can be applied to sales

Everybody’s probably aware of the huge impact that the serie has brought to the real world surface. Just because the story takes place in a medieval time and in the mythical land of Westeros does not mean that its themes do not resonate with today’s public. Actually, various scenes and most of the character characteristics can be applied to or day to day life in sales. Take a look!

#1. Information is worth more than gold:

One of the most important strategies that the series emphasizes is the power of  information. The character that mostly shows us this is Lord Varys, the eunuch. Varys uses spys scattered all over the Westeros to gather valuable information and gain the leaders confidence. In other words, he makes his service indispensable to those who make the decisions. He’s always  beside the leaders because of his strong network of informants that help these leaders make decisions and stay in power. The same applies to any sales representative, be data driven. Show your customers and clients how much you worried and learned about their business and how your product/service can actually be a problem solver for them. The firmer your statements are, the more confidence to listen.

‘’The birds sing in the west the birds sing in the east if one knows how to listen’’ – Lord Varys

#2 Winter is coming:

Probably one of the most mentioned phrases during the series.The characters use the phrase in various moments as a warning to what will come along with the dreaded season. Some characters use it referring to the arrival of the white walkers, but to whom don’t acknowledge the tale of the white walkers, the phrase is used as a warning to the lack of resources that comes along with winter. The same can be applied to SDR’s and Sales Rep’s empty pipeline. There will be times that new leads just don’t show up, or at least not so many as other seasons and at these times we simply do miracles. Dig up a cold list, lost leads or search like crazy to do some outbound prospecting, be creative. Have in mind that winter will come and that sometimes you’ll have to make with the little you have.

#3 Be authentic during your pitches:

People hate sales calls, that’s a fact. One way to break the barriers is to try to be as authentic as possible during your pitches. Show how worried you are about solving the clients probable instead of following exactly what the playbook says. Put some jazz in your voice and make the conversation feel like your talking to a friend. Gather the information you need in the smoothest way and try not to shove your service/product done the clients through.

#4 A strong team wins the battles:

Daenerys Targaryen shows us the importance of building an A team and diversifying the soldiers skills and competences by conquering different armies all around Westeros then heading towards the battle for the iron throne with a loyal and strong army.  Daenerys shows us all during the series that fighting alone you’ll never win the war. It won’t matter if a sales rep or SDR hits there individual goals but there team doesn’t. The bigger picture matters, so always be a good soldier and dont think only about the little battles, think about the whole war.

#5 Strategy is EVERYTHING

Pick your battles boy! Know your priorities and know when to take two steps back and check out the scenario. The sales rep needs to know which fight to pick so that his little time available can be used to close real deals. The best example of strategizing is Jon Snow and his choice in picking the war against the white walkers instead of taking over the iron throne. Jon knows that it won’t matter whos sitting on the throne if the white walkers aren’t stopped, so he uses the little resources he has (and charm) to gain the other lideres confidence. How does he do this if everybody’s preoccupied with taking over the thorn? He exemplifies with Cersei, by bring back a white walker to the kingdom and he promises his loyalty to Daenerys in trade for her army. He knows the battle to fight, when to fight and with who to fight it. That’s pure strategy, do the best with the least!


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