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The importance of English in Digital Marketing

Any modern job requires at least a moderate knowledge of English. When we change our scope to marketing, this requirement exponentially increases. It requires much more than being able to recognize and understand simple references and terminologies. It requires advanced vocabulary and reading skills, such as critical thinking. Digital marketer analyst is a very good example. Their work routine has a lot of contact with texts and terms in English, in order to study the profession and deepen their technical knowledge. The foreign market provides the news firsthand. You need to recycle, keep learning, know what the competition is offering, or even exchange experiences with other professionals. English boosts interpersonal relationships and encourages the creation of strategies to develop a more efficient profile.

The good news is that today is easy to get in touch with English in foreign countries. Today learning English in Brazil, is not restricted as it was where only specialized schools were able to teach English. Today even public schools have English on their curriculum. Many will probably doubt of the quality, but it is undeniable the benefit it brings. The students resources are not only limited to traditional education institutions. The internet is here to help with access to blogs, language schools, articles, web-sites… And also it helps with the best resource for beginners. Google Translate.  

If you plan to start working dedicating yourself to improving your English skills, you will have to hire private lessons, which content is customized and focused on your language learning needs. This will make all the difference in building a highly positive image. Fluency in English is more than a technical skill, it increases the confidence and the ability to solve profession problems, adding more value, not only to you, but also for the company. Mastering English helps you to show the world all your skills, reinforcing your positive image and putting you in the spotlight when it comes to getting a new job or a promotion, increasing the chances of success.

For those who have the dream to have an experience abroad, whether to learn new ways of organizing and preparing the work or to specialize in some field of study, the English language serves as a real passport that opens doors and facilitates immigration, streamlining the entire process. The advantages of working or studying for a few months in a foreign institution starts with salary, which tends to increase substantially in value, and ends up obtaining a differential curriculum, which will guarantee you better opportunities. What are you waiting for? Start today and you won’t regret.


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